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Summer House Ceiling Repaired in Dartford

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Ceiling Repaired and Replastered in Dartford

Summer houses are a growing trend around the UK but like most Garden Buildings there is always the risk of leaks and damages. Unfortunately this customer had suffered a leak into their summer house causing a large area of damage to their ceiling. After contacting Newman Plastering to get their ceiling repaired the customer was sent a quote for the works and we set about repairing the ceiling the same week.

Luckily this was a straight forward job and the work was carried out and completed within 6 hours. For this job, the damaged area on the ceiling was cut out to the size of a 2.4 Plasterboard. A single Plasterboard sheet was screwed to the beams and scrim tape applied on the join between new plasterboard and exsisting ceiling. Once secured the whole ceiling was replastered to perfectly blend the old with the new. 

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Completed Repaired Ceiling

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